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May 31, 2017: "You're in the Wrong Bathroom!" by our very own member Dr. Laura Erickson-Schroth!

January 4, 2017:

Welcome Remarks from President Paula Prezioso:

GOOD EVENING AND WELCOME to the 1059th meeting of the Society of Alumni of Bellevue Hospital in our 131st year,  My name is Paula Prezioso and I am honored to serve as your President for 2017.  This Year of 2017 promises to be a Dramatic One and The Executive Committee has worked hard to make our Society Meetings Exciting and Timely as well.  I would like to thank the new Executive Committee for their continued hard work and for helping to bring us the Interesting Speakers that we will hear from this year. Our Executive Committee members include:

Laura Erickson-Shroth - Vice President and Chair of the Entertainment Committee

Elihu Sussman - Treasurer and Historian

Danielle LaRocco - Secretary

Steven Field - Membership Chair

Vince Palusci - trustee Robert J Carlise Fund

Annie Garment - Website Director

Roz Palusci - Chief of Administration and Organization

We have scheduled a full year of Speakers, who are listed on our website.  We have tried to included Medical and NonMedical topics, as well as Current Political topics to stimulate great discussions.  Any members who have ideas for Speakers should speak to Laura or come to the Executive Committee Meetings  after each session.  We are also always looking to bring new members into the Society. Members should speak to Steve about encouraging our Guests to join.

I would like to ask Elihu to give a brief Financial Report as we start 2017.

I would like to now thank Vince Palusci who has served as our President for the last two years.  Vince worked extremely hard to continue to keep us a vibrant Society, with great Speakers and New Members.  He also worked to give us the History of the Society Book and Organized the gala for our 130th Year Anniversary.  Vince will continue on the Executive Committee and will also act as Trustee of the Carlise Fund.  We would like to present Vince with this token of our appreciation.

Lastly, Tonight’s talk with be given by Bipin Supadi, Program Director of the Forensic Psychiatry Fellowship. The timely topic is Mental Illness and Gun Violence.

Let’s now all toast to Our Society with the Mayor’s Toast from our meeting in 1897

To the City of New York

God Made the Country and Man made the Town

To the People

To Hygiene

To the Doctor’s Doctor

To the Patient

To Bellevue Hospital

And to it’s Alumni

May we have a Happy and Healthy 2017 and may the Society of The Alumni of Bellevue Hospital continue to thrive for years to come.

Paula J Prezioso MD

NYU/Bellevue 1991